Will with Flo  (Florenze), his  friend, model  and stunt double.

Flo's breed is "Indian Runner" , known for their upright posture and the fact that they don't waddle ... they run.

Will Bullas


will  was raised in the Southwest and art educated at Arizona State University and the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara where he studied with master painter Ray Strong. Somewhere in the middle of his schooling he was called to active duty in Vietnam.


Will is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, and was elected to membership with the Knickerbocker Artists of New York in 1986. Will has exhibited twice with the National Academy of Design in New York. In 2007 he received the Mario Copper and Dale Myers Medal from the American Watercolor Society for his contributions to watercolor.


Will resides and creates, with his wife Claudia, in Carmel Valley, California just across the meadow from his son, who is also an artist, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Will Bullas Affiliated Galleries...

Only original paintings are shown in this gallery. Current works are hung on the first Thursday of each month followed on that Saturday evening by an artist reception. The public is invited to meet their favorite CAA member artists and share a glass of wine.

In Boise, Idaho! Will shows some originals and a wide range of prints in this gallery. They also have an amazing framing business here as well. Do go by and see Christine and Terry, owners of Gallery 601 - they're terrific.

This is our local gallery where Will shows some prints, both paper and metal and also has greeting cards and cocktail napkins available. Come visit the gallery and while you're here in the valley, you may want to partake in a few of our 20+ wine-tasting rooms!

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